Become a Sponsor

Running a high school robotics team can not happen without sponsors to help the team pay for participation fees, procure the needed items and ensure our students have what they need to design and build our robot each season.

Any level of sponsorship helps but the students that make up the Robo Beavers have come up with some fun sponsorship levels that showcase the dedication and generosity of potential sponsors.

As Robo Beavers we are trying to build our DAM for success each season and as you know a dam can not be built without sticks, branches, and logs. You could always become a WHOLE DAM sponsor.

Here are our Robo Beaver sponsorship levels descriptions

STICK Level Sponsorship

Name on team social media + banner for display at competitions.

LOG Level Sponsorship

STICK Leve + your logo on team t-shirts worn at all competitions.

BRANCH Level Sponsorship

BRANCH Level + your logo on the robot itself.

WHOLE DAM Level Sponsorship

LOG Level + Top billing on all publicity
platforms and at all competitions.

You can download and fill out the sponsorship form below.