About Us

Team History

Team 3658 the Robo Beavers and its students hail from Harper Creek High School in Battle Creek, Michigan. For more information on the Harper Creek School system please click here to visit their website. The Robo-Beavers team was started 13 years ago and are competing in its 12th season the FIRST Robotics Competition program. The size of the Robo Beavers Robotics team varies in size from year to year.

Of course the COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted the team during the pandemic but the team is now thriving post-COVID. If you are interested in joining the Robo Beavers Robotics team please visit the Contact Us page and send us a message!

Team Leadership

Currently the Robo Beavers are led and coached by a set of Co-Head Mentors; Tom Back and Pete Eckman. You can read more about each mentor in the Meet the Team page!

Team Success

In the 13 years since the Robo Beavers started they have had success both on and off the field of play in its history. To read about the on the field successes please click here to visit our teams page on the Blue Alliance which tracks all teams successes on the field!